🌟 Spotlight on Caroline 🌟

From the high-paced world of London advertising to the transformative realm of Immersive TIE in Tanzania, meet Caroline – a dynamic Account Director from BBH. With a rich tapestry of experience spanning 6 years across various advertising disciplines, Caroline embodies what it means to be both a student and a teacher in her field.⁠

⁠While her professional journey has been full of challenges that honed her skills, Caroline’s innate positive and spirited attitude sets her apart; it’s what made her such an amazing participant in our most recent Immersive TIE programme, which finished on Friday. ⁠

Caroline confesses: “My career trajectory had been intensely inward-focused, zooming in on my personal growth”. This introspection helped her uncover a desire to give back, while empowering others, and that’s where TIE Leadership came into play.⁠
Immersive TIE wasn’t just about offering her wealth of knowledge to a deserving organization in Tanzania, but also about “pushing out of my comfort zone,” as she puts it.

Her mission? To leave an indelible mark, and ensure that every person she collaborated with felt enriched and empowered by her contributions.⁠

Over the last 30 days she got to be scrappy and figure out how to work with small budgets again, developed new perspectives and grew her confidence.

She also managed to not only create an incredibly sound strategy and solution for the Tanzanian organisation, Songambele, to help drive their important work forward, but she passed on extraordinary knowledge to local people on the ground that will stay with them forever.
Caroline developed her resilience, flexibility and patience by working through various challenges (regular energy cuts for example), and created an attitude that is focused on overcoming adversity and solution generation, rather than getting bogged down in the world of obstacles; transformative lessons she’ll carry back to BBH.

This experience wasn’t just about professional evolution; it was a deep, personal journey towards confidence and better leadership.⁠

⁠Join us in celebrating Caroline’s commitment to making a difference while becoming a better leader. We’re eager to see the waves of change she inspires and the growth she herself has experienced throughout the Immersive TIE programme.

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