Nazia Hussain is WPP’s next 2010 chosen candidate

  Nazia is the Director of Cultural Strategy at the Ogilvy & Mather Group Worldwide. Born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Nazia’s early childhood was spent in across Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh. At fifteen, she was awarded a national scholarship to attend the United World College in Hong Kong, and two years there awoke in her a […]

Those who defend human rights combat all types of violence – the Red Balloon Campaign

  See the TIE ad here. Produced by Atelie, directed by Leo Crivellaro, created by MakPlan, through a partnership coordinated by us, TIE, between National Movement for Human Rights and Mark Dewings (Ogilvy / NY). The campaign emphasizes the work of defenders of human rights, showing that, in their struggle, these people and organizations are, […]

Helen James kicks off as BBH’s first TIE candidate

  Helen joined BBH in 2007 to work on Vodafone UK. She spent her first 18 months at BBH on the fast and furious account working on the brand’s repositioning as well as leading numerous integrated product campaigns across the UK business. In 2008 she joined the Barnardo’s team and was instrumental in developing and […]

Interview – the work of IS in Brazil

  International Service, one of TIE’s partners, has recently written an interview with their Brazilian field Director, Luca, in order to give insight into why they are committed to working in Brazil. It’s an interesting piece that talks about the enormous gulf between rich and poor, the challenges that still need to be overcome in […]

Raise awareness of Boca do Lixo’s library and improve the future of hundreds of young people from poor areas of Recife by improving how they read

  A Biblioteca Multicultural Nascedouro – BMN – (The Multicultural Library birthplace) – is a permanent part of Boca do Lixo, a cultural movement that promotes culture and education as a critical part in building a more just, pluralistic and egalitarian world. Specifically, BMN’s strategy is to promote reading incentive through artistic and cultural work […]

A year and a half on and GTP+ is still thriving

  There is nothing more gratifying than knowing that TIE has made a positive impact on our partner organizations. And what is even better to see is one of our partners still growing and improving as a direct result of a TIE placement – a year and a half later. GTP+, the NGO that Ryan […]

BBH, the Black Sheep Mile, and TIE

  We are absolutely thrilled to announce that BBH is now a TIE partner. In January of this year BBH launched TIE as part of their Black Sheep Mile programme and after a very competitive application process, BBH has now selected their first candidate, Account Director Helen James. So, what is BBH’s Black Sheep Mile […]

TIE: Exchange for Good

  An article about TIE was posted on the BBH Labs blog today. They talk about what they think of TIE and ask Philippa White a few questions.  


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