Leo Burnett is sending Lorna Burt on TIE in August, all the way to Malawi!

Lorna is a Senior Planner at Leo Burnett. After finishing her Politics & Sociology degree at Bristol University and deciding that being a politician looked quite boring Lorna instead thought going on a very extended holiday seemed like a better idea. Whilst eating her way around South America, she conducted a fraught and forehead-full Skype […]

Help Hestian mitigate the causes of climate change and improve the livelihoods of people living in Africa, by helping them spread the word about the benefits of improved cook stoves.

In Malawi, only 2% of households cook with electricity and almost everybody else cooks with firewood or charcoal, with little or few exceptions. This has major health implications. Household air pollution from solid fuels is estimated to be the number one risk factor that accounts for most disease burden in Malawi. Also, with increasing scarcity […]

Most children in Africa don’t have access to books that tell stories they can relate to, from a cultural point of view. Help the Golden Baobab to address this issue, by helping them to promote their literacy award.

According to UNESCO, 38% of adults in Africa are illiterate – the equivalent to 2,5 times the entire population of the United Kingdom. Out of these, two thirds are women. Africa is the only continent where more than half of parents are not able to help their children with homework due to illiteracy. Adult literacy […]

#Press: Tem Vida Nas Ruas na Cidade do Bem (Artigo da Revista Pronews)

A edição número 166 da Revista Pronews conta com um artigo de duas páginas sobre a campanha TIE #TemVidaNasRuas, elaborada por Nicolas Jayr e pela Melhor Comunicação para o Grupo Ruas e Praças, em novembro do ano passado. O artigo conta sobre foi projeto, desde a angariação de fundos até a vinda do fotógrafo Klaus […]

Two TIE Alumni, Alice Hooper and Nazia du Bois, win IPA Women of Tomorrow

IPA just announced the ten winners of the Women of Tomorrow 2014 competition. We are immensely proud to announce that two TIE Alumni, Alice Hooper and Nazia Du Bois, are amongst them. “These Women of Tomorrow are clearly women who are excelling at their careers, but what sets them apart and makes them our future […]

#Press: What if we advertised for good?

Nicolas Bordas, Vice-President of TBWA Europe, wrote a lovely article on his LinkeIn page about TIE and why he loves what we do. Bordas also praises Nicolas, from BBH London, and his TIE campaign #TemVidaNasRuas for Grupo Ruas e Praças. Read the full article here.  


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