The power of humanity to unlock solutions in leadership and business.

Using the power of humanity to unlock solutions in leadership and business. And empowering girls to be fierce protectors of their own future. This was the dual mission of our most recent TIE programme with Leo Burnett and Chance4Change in Malawi. And Monday’s final presentation proved it was a success. In 6 weeks Team TIE […]

Welcome Team Leo Burnett

here is a common theme brewing as I have my many London meetings. What am I hearing about the overall talent needs in general from those running companies? One is for talent to be more resilient. The need for people to get comfortable with failure. Used to things not going their way. Not being bubble […]

Balloon animals and Guatemalan guerillas.

Going into the weekend, here is a little snippet from my book “Return on Humanity: The unexpected benefits of being human-centric in life and business”. Balloon animals and Guatemalan guerillas. The stories that my professor of conflict resolution told us at university left an indelible mark on my soul. When she was traveling in Guatemala […]

What really is possible?

We get this question a lot. What happens when six super smart leaders from four different countries and various different professions come together to help a Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest organisation plant 1 million trees? Why on earth would professionals WANT to do this? And what REALLY is possible in 6 weeks, virtually, with a group […]

We see things as we are.

This is an excerpt from my upcoming book, and I wanted to share it as I love this story. Everyone wants to have water closer to home…..Or do they? This story came to us from Malawi, and it has really stuck with me ever since I heard it. There are many global international development organisations […]

Bespoke human-centric workshops

What future do you see? This is the question that the Ivey Business School at Western University in Canada is asking as they celebrate their 100-year legacy of real-world leadership. To see a future full of promise and opportunity over the next 100 years, we need to look ahead to ways education, leadership and business […]

I’m writing a book.

I’ve got some exciting news. I’m writing a book. It’s called Return on Humanity: How the power of humanity can unlock solutions in business, leadership, and life.  You’ll hear about what is working in areas as diverse as business, architecture, and the hospital and prison systems, whilst providing inspiring guidance and assurance that a human […]

Malawi’s President and TIE

Last Friday, the President of Malawi gave a speech at the High Level Dialogue on Energy at the UN (#HLDE2021). This, most likely, is the only address from any head of state at the UN, ever, focused on clean/er cooking.His powerful speech and this video were written and produced by our last TIE team, the […]


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