I’m passionate about helping businesses become more human. I’ve seen first-hand the power of leaders that have tapped into their humanity and have witnessed what happens when businesses embrace a more human way of doing things. Everything is better!



How To Out-Behave The Competition

A new marketplace is emerging. One where success is rooted in humanity. Drawing on stories and perspectives from around the world in fields as diverse as human rights in Syria, the UK prison system, Brazilian psychiatric care, architecture and business, I’ll bring to life how a more human approach to leadership and business will give us all a better future.


Building Tomorrow’s Leaders And Companies

Today’s leaders are not fit for purpose. The world desperately needs more compassionate, courageous and self-aware leaders and traditional leadership development approaches fall short of this demand. How can experiential learning, even in a hybrid working setting, help address this, and what happens when people free up the “soft qualities” of a leader?


What Are The Special Human Ingredients?

A common question comes up as we talk more and more about humanity and human competencies. What does it mean to be more “human”? And what are the behaviours that help people shine in the work-place? Here I breakdown the competencies, illustrate what it looks like when people have them (and what happens when they don’t), and then how to unlock them. These competencies can be liberated, and here I show how, and what happens when they are.


Perceiving The World Differently – And How To Make It Useful

We love our own truths and we believe them deeply. There are many ways in which our perceptions of the world are affected by influences we may not be aware of, and as a result, we can find ourselves trapped in convention and familiarity by forces we can’t see. In this talk I’ll illustrate the power of bringing the outside in, the power of constraints, and what happens when you cross divides.


The Link Between Inner Development And Societal Change

We are all fully in control of the changes that need to be made when it comes to the state of the world. But if as a society we are only looking at success through the lens of financial wealth and material possessions, a sustainable future is impossible. The key is to work on our inner development, and the inner development of others, to ensure the necessary shifts happen, and here I explain what that looks like.


Everyone has the power to inspire, guide, and amplify team success. 

But before you can better lead others, you need to fully understand yourself!

This free tool is a powerful way to reveal the qualities you already have so that you can utilise them to become an even better leader.

Better leaders > better companies > better world.

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