A year and a half on and GTP+ is still thriving


There is nothing more gratifying than knowing that TIE has made a positive impact on our partner organizations. And what is even better to see is one of our partners still growing and improving as a direct result of a TIE placement – a year and a half later.

GTP+, the NGO that Ryan Fisher from Wieden + Kennedy worked with in November 2008, is still going from strength to strength following the launch of the Solidarity Kitchen (see Ryan’s case study here).

Ryan came to Recife to work with GTP+ to help to decrease discrimination amongst the population as a whole about products and food stuffs prepared by workers who are living with HIV and AIDS. The primary objective of Ryan’s placement was to create a campaign to promote the Solidarity Kitchen with a view to strengthen the activities and sustainability of GTP+. The money made from the kitchen is a source of funds for the organization.

In 2007 GTP+ served about 11 – 15 people for lunch daily. At the end of 2009 (following the launch) they had a significant increase of around 60 lunches daily. And according to a recent email from GTP+ they are currently serving about 50 lunches daily.

What is even more exciting is that they are now expanding. With the extra money being made from the kitchen GTP+ are now able to rent a larger area and create an even more professional kitchen and therefore restaurant. They were able to establish a partnership with the NGO PACT Brasil, and have received enough funding from them to renovate the new space, and purchase new equipment. This will mean that GTP+ will be able to serve even more people than previously in the older space, and subsequently increase their revenue even further. And, with the increased flow of clients they will be able to purchase an air conditioning unit, TV, espresso machine, and hire another coordinator, nutritionist, and person for cleaning.

We couldn’t be happier.

We are now getting ready for our next project with GTP+, which will be kicking off in October with Harry Dromey from Leo Burnett. Read more about Harry and his project here.


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