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The Impact of a Fresh Perspective:
A Tale of Leadership Transformation

In 2022, Niall Quinn, a Corporate Portfolio Manager from Octopus Energy London, embarked on a journey beyond his routine, plunging into the heart of Mozambique for 30 days. His mission? To tackle real-life challenges facing a non-profit dedicated to ocean conservation.

Niall’s initial brief was straightforward enough: develop a business strategy to help scale up the non-profit’s services sustainably, transforming the operation into a robust global entity. However, as Niall started to probe and question, he noticed inefficiencies that had lingered unnoticed for years.

Over just a few short weeks, Niall extracted innovative solutions. By redirecting resources to cost-efficient initiatives with healthier profit margins, he strengthened the organisation’s global presence and reputation. He also secured a partnership that promises to generate revenue and attract a more diverse array of guests.

Sarah Butchers, COO at MMF, was effusive about the results. “Niall’s solution was brilliant,” she said. “It was right there before our eyes, but we simply lacked the time, manpower, or capacity to step back and see what was truly working.”

The experience was transformative for Niall too. It taught him never to underestimate his abilities. He was pushed in new ways, adapting faster, stronger, and more effectively to a different environment than he had ever imagined.

“I wasn’t prepared for how incredible this experience would be,” Niall confessed. “I feel like I’ve rediscovered parts of myself that I thought were left behind in my 20s—the adventurous, extroverted, ‘yes to everything’ side of me. I feel a renewed zest for life, and I realise I’m capable of far more than I ever credited myself for.”

This is the power of Immersive TIE—the power of broadening horizons, expanding minds, and disrupting comfort zones.

The Power of Collaboration:
A Journey of Growth and Transformation

In 2022, a diverse group of experts, including audit and financial crime specialists, technology mavens, and professionals from the capital markets, investments, and banking divisions of Santander, converged on a unique project. These individuals were chosen for their keen desire to evolve, expand their skillsets, and enrich others’ lives. The endeavour offered them an opportunity to extend their networks within and beyond Santander, increase their cultural intelligence, and collaborate to make a significant and lasting impact.

Their mission involved working with a non-profit, the Cleaner Cooking Coalition (CCC). This organisation seeks to amplify the voices of billions who depend on solid fuel burning for their fundamental energy needs. The team developed a comprehensive strategic plan, complete with actionable steps, to enhance the CCC’s sustainability and impact. The ultimate goal? To reach the 2.8 billion individuals worldwide who lack access to cleaner cooking solutions.

This collaborative venture offered all participants the chance to grow, reflect on their careers and purpose, explore new opportunities, or enhance their current roles. Indeed, 50% of the Virtual Team TIE participants have changed roles within the business following their involvement with the programme, underscoring TIE as a catalyst for this transformation.

TIE also fostered connections with diverse communities and cultures while providing a practical platform for participants to test their skills – some of them newly acquired during the programme. This real-world application contrasted with the traditional classroom approach, substituting fictional ‘case studies’ with tangible, impactful work.

Suganya Parthasarathy, an Internal Auditor at Santander, spoke highly of the experience: “The network and knowledge that I gained through the programme have been instrumental in my career progression.”

This is the power of Virtual Team TIE— harnessing collective intelligence for meaningful global change.


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