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TIE teaches self-awareness in the most impactful way.

Sam Theobald

Group People Director

I am looking for programmes that will motivate and inspire talent whilst making our people better and stronger. TIE allows people to step out of the circuit, find their own route, and they don’t have to deal with the hierarchy. Nothing about TIE is theoretical. It’s real. What TIE does has real implication and real value. In the real world. This is not a drill.


Leo Burnett and Publicis•Poke

TIE provided an opportunity for our participants to grow, to discover their purpose, to seek out new opportunities within the business or develop themselves within their current role. 50% of our participants have evolved their careers since they’ve been on the programme, and TIE has been a catalyst for this change.

Michael Durrant

Talent Head


I learned more leadership skills on my time on TIE than all of my time at work.

Chloe Allan

B2B Software Investor
Octopus Ventures materials. 

TIE has given me an opportunity to dream bigger, think bigger and act bigger – all with the intention of creating a much bigger version of my life! I came into the process completely naïve and have left feeling culturally diverse and ready to tackle more challenges.

Taylor Madonna Dowding


This programme was more of a mindset shift than anything else. It was the catalyst that pushed me to think differently and changed the way I tackle problems. My experience fundamentally changed how I interact with the world.

Lauren Smith

Account Director

TIE taught me to be humble, to listen more than I talked, to acknowledge my assumptions but be willing to let go of them, and most of all, to put high stock in doing and making things that add genuine and meaningful value to people’s lives.

Dylan Viner

Chief Strategy Officer

TIE helped me to grow my network within the company, reach out to resources that enhanced my quality of work, realise my ability in fieldwork & research analysis and most of all, gain a holistic view on my future forward plans. TIE has helped me to understand that how I achieved the results matter more in the longer run than the result itself.

Suganya Parthasarathy


Social Partners

We needed to raise awareness of the importance of our Brazilian rainforest conservation work to the global community and didn’t have the resources to do that. TIE made a huge impact not only on our communications, but also our reach. We’ve had a handful of projects over the course of our 15-year partnership, and every time it’s more impactful than the other. Can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Binka Le Breton


TIE has contributed massively to the capacity building and development of Barefeet especially on different strategies. This has helped the organisation as well as individuals involved to grow and compete on the same level as profit making organisations this in turn helps the organisation stay relevant to the communities.

Grace Tombozi Banda

Executive Director
Barefeet Theatre

As Malawi’s Permanent Representative of the Republic of Malawi to the United Nations in New York, I would like to sincerely thank TIE for the support for Malawi’s preparations for the High Level Dialogue for Energy in New York in September 2021, culminating in the speech by H.E Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera, President of the Republic of Malawi, delivered at High Level Dialogue on Energy (#HLDE2021) on September 24th 2021

Dr. Perks Ligoya

Ambassador / Permanent Representative
Republic of Malawi to the United Nations
New York


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