BBH London is sending A-K Parker on TIE in 2018. She is going to Malawi!

A-K Parker has been at BBH for 8 years, where she has worked as a creative on award-winning local and international campaigns, for brands such as the Guardian and Observer, Audi, Tesco, Barclays, Mentos and more recently the New British Airways airline safety video in collaboration with Comic Relief, where she got to meet her heroes Warwick Davis and Chabuddy G.

Before life at BBH, A-K studied Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins and took part in an Erasmus exchange to Rotterdam, where she first learned about the importance of renewable design and advertising for good. After graduating, A-K returned to her university as a tutor in the context department, which she loved, until one of her students asked if she knew when the tutor was going to turn up.

Despite what her father taught her, A-K likes to talk to strangers, and so volunteers for Dorcas Befriending charity, where she visits elderly people for a chat, cup of tea and also teaches drawing classes. A-K’s name is not actually A-K, it’s Anna-Katrine, from her Danish mother. As a half Dane she loves bike riding, nature, salty licorice and effortless design. When A-K is not at work, you might find her hammering away at a piece of silver on her jewelry-making bench.

A-K is completely driven by solving big problems with simple ideas. She is going to Malawi in 2018 to work with Joshua Orphan & Community Care, a grassroots organization that supports community-driven programmes assisting HIV/Aids orphans, vulnerable children and their families in Blantyre. Click here to learn more about this project.


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