BBH, the Black Sheep Mile, and TIE


We are absolutely thrilled to announce that BBH is now a TIE partner. In January of this year BBH launched TIE as part of their Black Sheep Mile programme and after a very competitive application process, BBH has now selected their first candidate, Account Director Helen James.

So, what is BBH’s Black Sheep Mile you ask? Well, BBH has always believed in giving back to the community. Every year since their inception they’ve given 1% of their profits to charity. But, charitable giving is no longer just about financial support. People want to make a personal difference and get actively involved themselves, in order to give something back. Recognising this, BBH has introduced a simple way for their employees to give back to a charity should they want to – either with local charities, or on international bespoke communications projects with TIE.

We asked Jim Carroll, BBH’s Chairman, what he had to say:

In the past, our charitable contributions have primarily been discreet and financial. Over recent years our staff have told us they would prefer a more public and participative approach. The TIE initiative represents a great example of the type of project we want to pursue. It’s a well-run scheme and we can be confident of making a positive impact on the community. We also anticipate that our chosen candidate will develop real leadership skills.

We’re really looking forward to starting this relationship with BBH and we will keep you all updated on how things develop on this section of our website.



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