Check out these incredible humans

A new year. A new TIE Accelerator team.

We are at it again. And what a group!

We are over the moon and honoured to be working with these incredible humans.

All coming together for various reasons.

To find new ways to make their business stand for more and inspiring other people to do the same; To use their skills for a higher purpose; To apply knowledge to topics outside of their daily business, to connect with inspiring people and to expand their comfort zone; And to use their privilege, experience and network to help others gain greater access in their areas of need whilst also encouraging those with the means to do more to protect people and our planet.

A chance to expand horizons, push boundaries and DO and BE more.

All while impacting the environment and local communities with what they know.

And they are really going to be able to make an impact with this project.

The team will work with the MAR Fund to build a technical facility that will incentivise environmentally and socially sustainable business practices in the Mesoamerican Reef System region (the biggest reef system in the Atlantic). This will affect hundreds of people directly, and countless more will benefit.

As you can imagine, the MAR Fund are just as over the moon with this team as we are.

Lots will happen in only 6 weeks. And we’ll continue to update you as things evolve – so watch this space.

We have a co-CEO from Sydney, a Global Media Director from Amsterdam, a CSO from Hamburg and a Head of Marketing Planning and Operations from Brisbane.

The world and industries coming together to learn, grow and make an impact.

“One’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions”. – Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

It’s time. Let’s change things!


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