Chris Jackson comes back smiling from his month in Brazil


Great news – we have recently finished our first pilot with Chris Jackson and you’ll be happy to know it was fantastic.


Chris spent a month in the North East of Brazil, working to develop a new communications campaign for an AIDS & HIV NGO called Gestos, with their local agency Mart Pet. The brief from Gestos was to: ‘Create a communications plan for the launch of their 15th anniversary in 2008’, as well as to come up with ideas on how Gestos will get the funds to create and run it. Chris found the placement challenging, daunting at times, but overall extremely rewarding. He discovered more about the world of development, learned how to approach communications for HIV/Aids, stretched himself from a professional and personal point of view and created some fantastic work for the organisation.


Have a look at Chris’ case study in the ‘case study’ section to see pictures, and understand more about his experience.



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