Contribute to a better future for children and adolescents living in impoverished areas of Recife by raising awareness of Institute Peró amongst the private and public sector.

Instituto Peró Arte e Cidadania is a not for profit institute that was created in 2004 and is developed and maintained by the entrepreneurs of Shopping Guararapes, a local shopping mall in Recife. The organization was founded as a result of the desire of the entrepreneurs to contribute to a better future for children and adolescents living in a poor community that surrounds the mall.

The organisation’s mission is to offer to children and adolescents who live in the low-income community that surrounds Shopping Guararapes a path for education and citizenship. The project valorizes the children, adolescents and their families; promotes the formation of citizens; and contributes to improve their quality of life and social living. Their team of professionals and volunteers are qualified, know the community well, and have principles and pedagogic actions that are well defined. All of the people involved with the organization believe that each child has their own potential, and it’s just a matter of working with them to help the children realize it, and grow to develop it.

Instituto Peró has developed a social work in the Jaboatão dos Guararapes community for 6 years, but few people know about it or how to support the organization. Once the Institute realized the lack of awareness amongst local companies and governmental organizations, they saw the importance of creating tools for external communication, so they can attract other partners.

Therefore, the organization is looking for the support from private and public enterprises. For that to be possible, the Institute is looking to create communications strategies that make it possible to promote their actions and attract investments to the institution. With the support from new partners, they could, gradually, expand their attendance to the community and guarantee better infrastructure to receive them. Therefore, the Institute is looking to create materials to promote the actions of the organisation in order to attract new partnerships with local private enterprises and governmental organizations.


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