Ed Richards from Leo Burnett London wins a LeoIntel Award for his TIE case study


Well done Ed! Out of 97 Leo Burnett agencies in 84 countries world-wide, Ed Richards from Leo Burnett London won a LeoIntel award for his TIE Brazil Case Study with Edificio Ecologico and the local agency Inata.

Established in 2004, the LeoIntel Awards recognize the very best thought leadership of the Leo Burnett and Arc global networks. By submitting original work people are able to share their experience and expertise with colleagues around the world, gain recognition for the work they do and take pride in the fantastic things they’ve created in the line of duty.

Ed’s project clearly stood out as not only a fantastic piece of communications work, but also a great way of using Leo Burnett’s communication skills to make a notable difference to people who really need it. To honor his outstanding thought leadership, an international panel of judges awarded Ed with the LeoIntel Award based on Branding. Check out his case study here

Leo Burnett have been involved with TIE since the very beginning and are often saying how much they have already benefitted from the TIE/Leo Burnett partnership. Sarah Baumann, Head of Talent at Leo Burnett London, says: We are thrilled to discover such an innovative and effective training experience, which has the potential to be shaped to meet our objectives and values on both the individual and agency level.

Just one more business benefit for getting involved with TIE. Improve your company, while developing the world.


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