Ewa Kwolek is chosen by Proximity for the 2012 TIE placement

Ewa’s career in communications started 5 years ago in a small creative agency in Bristol. Ewa was thrown into a deep water working for the biggest client Microsoft. She worked on all types of projects: offline and online, large and small. In 2009 Ewa joined Proximity London working for one of the biggest DM accounts – Royal Mail. During this time, she managed an award winning social media project ‘Love letters’ (International DMA Echo Awards – Gold DMA). She then moved to the Kraft Foods team working on digital, Facebook projects and heading in house community management for Kenco and Philadelphia brands. Ewa has just been promoted to Account Director and she will continue leading the Philadelphia account as well as taking over other pieces of business.

Ewa’s educational background is in Politics that she studied in Poland (where she’s originally from) as well as in Bristol, in the UK (thanks to the European scholarship – Erasmus). Before she decided to pursue her career in communications, she spent a month working for the Polish Embassy in Paris. Recently, she also started helping to improve Facebook presence of the Polish Embassy in London.

Beyond work, she is a passionate explorer (she has lived in four countries to date), she loves outdoors activities, Pilates and yoga, and foreign cultures and languages (she speaks three and a quarter languages to date and is looking forward to learning Portuguese). She is also a hopeless optimist and loves challenges – one of them was to start running. Despite not being able to run longer than 10 minutes, she managed to complete two half marathons. Ewa is heading out on TIE in March, 2012, to work on the Edificio Ecologico project. To learn more about the project, click here. Ewa is also keeping a blog of her TIE journey – from the point of selection through to the end of the placement. A great insight to the TIE process. Have a read here.



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