Grey London is sending Mike Alhadeff on TIE in 2015!

Mike is a junior planner at Grey London. In his first year in adland, he has got a taste for the world of strategy working across various clients including Lucozade, Scope and Fairy. The varied portfolio has exposed him to the different demands of agency of life from helping a brand cut through in a World Cup year to supporting a charity boost their awareness throughout the UK

Born and bred in Hackney, he remembers a way of life pre-hipster and arrived at Grey via a degree in history from Cambridge University. During his time there, if not in the library, he could be found on the various playing fields around Cambridge avidly covering all sports from football to netball. After graduating, a career in communications appealed as an industry full of creative spirit and bright ideas.

In 2011, he spent five weeks in Cape Town working on a local community magazine where he covered everything from South African education provision to past cricketing greats. The highlight was a cover feature on the future of sustainable fishing where his investigative spirit took him to the local harbour to interview the Chief Inspector on the challenges facing local fishermen.

A massive Manchester United fan, he views their current predicament as a temporary blimp but in general his passion for sport knows no bounds.

Mike is looking forward to his time with the International Exchange and his hoping to work with Lar Rejane Marques, in Brazil. It will represent a new challenge, a new continent and new ways of working. You can read more about the project HERE.


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