Help GTP+ reduce the stigma against people with HIV/AIDS in the Northeast of Brazil

The Positive Prevention Work Group (GTP +) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization based in Recife, Brazil, based on the need to carry out HIV/AIDS prevention work with the objective of contributing to the confrontation of the epidemic; seeking to encourage activism and education; strengthening advocacy to defend the Human Rights and Citizenship of people seropositive to the HIV virus.

GTP + is the only institution coordinated by people living with HIV/AIDS in the Northeast Brazil, which generates in the user population a sense of identification and belonging to the institution. The idea came from the perception of the founders that people living with HIV/AIDS needed a non-governmental, nonpartisan organization to defend their interests and seek to minimize stigma and discrimination. Their mission is to welcome and strengthen people living with HIV/AIDS and sex workers (men, transvestites and transsexual women) by stimulating citizenship, protagonism and prevention of HIV/AIDS.

In 2008, communications professional Ryan Fisher from Wieden + Kennedy came in to work at GTP+ through TIE. Then, in 2010 Harry Dromey participated in a TIE project with them. For this next TIE project, GTP+ would like to receive support in reviving the concept of the Solidarity Kitchen. Due to lack of resources, the initiative had to be temporarily suspended, and has been since 2016. In 2019, they are opening a smaller snack bar that will serve the same purpose of the original project: contribute to the financial sustainability of GTP+, offer the possibility of returning to work for people living with HIV/AIDS through on-the-job training and providing free meals to beneficiaries who cannot afford food.

BBH London is sending Sam Cheetham on TIE in 2019 to help them relaunch their Solidarity Kitchen initiative and support people with HIV/AIDS in finding a community and health care. You can learn more about Sam here.


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