Help Joy Street transform education with the use of technologies that engage and motivate teachers and students and promote dialogue and fun in the learning process

Joy Street is an education company based in Recife, Brazil. They believe that, in order to be effective, the learning process in schools needs be fun and participative. With the use of technology and games, they work to transform the educational system in Brazil and help millions of children to reach their full potential.

The world has changed, the students have changed, but the classrooms remain the same. Rethinking this model has been one of Joy Street’s main goals. They understand that just applying technology isn’t enough to change the social arrangements of the traditional classroom. After years of hard work, and having affected more than 4000 schools, 10,000 teachers and 200,000 students in all their platforms, Joy Street remains with the same goal: to transform the world through education.

More recently, they launched their first product dedicated to enhance engagement and learning in technical, corporate and higher education: APTA, a digital environment for distance education based on gamification, aimed at offering superior engagement and the conditions for better performance. Every course has a mission, a productive target to be achieved as learners confront challenges related in practical ways to the concepts and skills studied.

As the scenario for education is changing due to political and economic transformations in Brazil, Joy Street wants to grow their business and expand their impact in a sustainable way. Much of the funding for public education has been cut and many private schools are losing students due to a drop in wages and employment levels across the country. They are at a pivotal moment, where they are rethinking their model and products, in order to keep up with the new landscape. For that, they need a fresh way to think about their business model and explore other potential clients, especially for APTA. This TIE placement will provide them with strategic support in both the business and educational areas.

Amira Mansour from Octopus Investments is going to Recife to work with Joy Street in February 2019. She will help them explore new business strategies and clients, supporting the organization’s sustainability and innovation, especially in regard to the company’s recently launched product APTA. Stay tuned for updates!


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