Help the Mobility Foundation advocate for people with disabilities and for people living with HIV/AIDS in rural areas in Ghana, giving them the opportunity to improve their lives and contribute to their communities

According to the World Health Organisation, there are about 2,500,000 people with disabilities in Ghana. In large cities, like Accra, you can see some progress in terms of the support offered to this part of the population. But when you go further away from the cities, the situation is very different. Very few schools are prepared to welcome children with disabilities, which has lead to a huge gap in opportunities and access to rights to disabled people. They end up becoming burdens to their families because they didn’t have the opportunities to develop themselves and become healthy members of society.

The Mobility Foundation works to reduce this gap. By advocating for people with disabilities and for people living with HIV/AIDS in rural areas in Ghana, the organization is improving the lives of thousands of people and giving them the opportunity to improve their lives. Working on a very grassroots level, the Mobility Foundation can see the needs of people very closely and work to address them.

The Mobility Foundation is a non-governmental organization operating in the Northern and Volta regions of Ghana. It was formed in 2004 and has its main office in the Tamale Metropolis, serving the Mion and Sagnarigu districts, and a Nanumba South Office, serving Nanumba North and Kpandai districts. It was founded as a response to a growing perception that traditional development interventions failed to address the needs of vulnerable people in the country.

Despite its successful track record in serving some of the most vulnerable communities in Ghana, the Mobility Foundation is still not well known by the general public. Other parts of Ghana, including a large number of potential donors and program beneficiaries, are not aware of the activities run by the organisation.

This has posed a massive restriction on their fundraising efforts from individuals and companies in the region. This TIE project will help them improve their communications, so they can better connect with the communities they serve and be in the forefront of their minds as a way of providing humanitarian service in the region. They want to learn more about communication models and tools to bring the delivery of their services to the next level.

Albert Gentry from VMLY&R New York is going to spend a month in Ghana working with the Mobility Foundation. Stay tuned for updates!


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