Help find work opportunities for young people from a small rural city in the interior of Pernambuco, therefore ensuring their financial autonomy, and improving their living conditions and their community’s development

GiralThe city of Glória do Goitá is located in the Forest Zone North of Pernambuco, about 65 kilometres from Recife and has approximately 29 thousand habitants. Its economic base is formed by agriculture and commerce. This way, the only sources of generating income is through the small local commerce or through agriculture, which is currently very undervalued and does not offer decent conditions to work. Because of this lack of opportunity, many young people are in the streets drinking alcohol, using drugs, without any life perspective.

With the objective of creating new opportunities for these youngsters to get away from this situation, a group of university students founded an institution called Giral on the 17th of October in 2007. Giral has the mission to develop and enhance the capacity and knowledge of the youth, through the use of technology of information and communications.

As an institution that focuses on the human right to communication, Giral trains young communicators in the techniques of video production, communitarian newspaper, radio programs, public exhibition of videos and movies, educational campaigns for radio, conducting research and interventions in public schools, and in the society as a whole, aiming on the creation of public policies of communications.

Research reveals that a large number of adolescents and families are migrating from the interior of the state to Recife, and as far as the south and southeast of the country, to find more opportunities and better living conditions. In this scenario, Giral is doing their job at forming these young people into young communicators, in order to generate opportunities for them to make a living through their newfound skills in communications; both in other areas of the state, but also, ideally at home in Glória de Goitá.

The objective of this TIE placement is to work with Giral to develop a campaign to raise awareness of the communications work created by the young people. The idea is to help local companies or those from Recife to understand the quality of the work that these young people create, and how the companies could really benefit from having them on their team. By providing job opportunities for these young people, the companies will improve the living conditions that they face, ensuring their financial autonomy and consequently helping the local community grow and prosper.


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