Improve the lives of the hundreds of street garbage pickers in Recife by getting people to recycle.

Edificio Ecologico (The Ecological Building Project) works to implement recycling opportunities in high-rise residential and business buildings, as well as in schools, in the Recife area. The main objective of Edificio Ecologico (EE) is to improve the city’s environment and the lives of the hundreds of street garbage pickers who rummage through the garbage throughout the city of Recife.

It’s a pioneer venture that intends to convince middle-class families to recycle the materials that they would otherwise throw away with the conventional rubbish. Increasing recycling practices has a significant impact on the environment – saving electric energy and the earth’s raw materials.

What makes this project really exciting is that it also empowers and improves the garbage picker’s working conditions, as well as raising their family’s total monthly income.


EE currently works with more than 80 buildings. However, Recife is a city with more than 5,000 high-rise buildings and most of the buildings don’t currently participate in recycling programs. There is a load of potential for the project.
EE are looking to raise awareness of their service offering so that more people will start recycling. This will improve the environment within the Recife region and the lives of the city’s garbage pickers.



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