Introducing TIE Leadership Coaching

TIE Leadership Logo 3TIE is a leadership development programme that combines the expertise within agencies, communication companies and studios with the needs of NGOs to create positive, sustainable change. It takes talented communications leaders and enables them to share their experience and skills in areas of urgent need.

TIE has two main objectives. We not only help many NGOs and communities around the world with our powerful communications skills, but together we’re enabling more talented communication leaders to learn and grow from the experience of sharing their skills with the emerging world. The opportunity for change is huge, both abroad, but also back at home.

Our placements themselves give the communications professionals a chance to develop in a very hands-on way. And we’ve heard from many TIE Alumni that our immersive experience has the potential to be really transformational.

However, the inspiring experience with TIE often leaves people wondering how they can harness their experience and talents in the most impactful and fulfilling way once they return.

We work with inspired, motivated and driven individuals who want to make their mark. The questions they ask themselves are all different, yet the overarching goal is always the same – how to make a tangible difference back at their company on their return, and achieve success on their own terms.

This is why we are proud to introduce TIE Leadership Coaching. We have joined forces with Heidi Kikoler, a Leadership Coach who specializes in working with corporate change agents. She will help ensure our TIE participants gain the most out of their TIE experience by giving them the time and space needed to think clearly and objectively about how they can harness their TIE experience to become an empowering milestone that propels them forward on their career journey.

All TIE participants, as of January 2014, will benefit from two coaching sessions: one before they embark on TIE and one after they return from their placements. And the objective of the TIE Coaching is to harness the experience and help channel it in a productive way in order to set each and every participant up for long-term career success.

Not only will TIE participants be better placed to thrive on their return, on the back of TIE placements, more commercially sustainable ways to fix problems will be discovered and the industry will be better placed to know how to grow business by doing the right thing. The more TIE placements that take place, the more our industry will start to change from the core. Our industry will be made to stand for more and we’ll all feel even prouder of our chosen profession.



Everyone has the power to inspire, guide, and amplify team success. 

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