Laura Pearlstein from WPP is chosen for TIE

Laura Pearlstein is a senior client manager as well as a strategic manager of global key client relationships at Landor. As a strategic manager she helps to nurture and develop business around the network. Prior to this, she managed global strategic projects for Landor’s CEO, driving internal initiatives around innovation, brand purpose, and creativity.

Before settling at Landor, Laura completed the WPP Fellowship, a whirlwind three-year tour of the marketing industry. Starting out as an advertising planner at Ogilvy in New York, she then hopped the pond to London where she made the switch to branding and design as a consultant at Landor. For her third rotation, she split her time between Digit and Coley Porter Bell, focusing on bringing brands to life in beautiful, engaging ways.

Born in Boston and raised in Washington, DC, Laura has settled for the foreseeable future in London – NW5 to be exact. She’s become far too fond of pubs, vacation days and British wit to return to the States.

Laura studied history and psychology at Dartmouth College. She’s an avid dinner party hostess, a sometimes yogi, and a voracious reader of design blogs. In the past year, she’s gotten involved with the Ministry of Stories, an East London organization devoted to inspiring schoolchildren through writing workshops and mentoring. Laura will be heading out to Brazil in August of 2012 to work with the NGO Em Cena. Click here to learn more about Laura’s project.



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