Leo Burnett is sending Lorna Burt on TIE in August, all the way to Malawi!

Lorna Burt, from Leo BurnettLorna is a Senior Planner at Leo Burnett. After finishing her Politics & Sociology degree at Bristol University and deciding that being a politician looked quite boring Lorna instead thought going on a very extended holiday seemed like a better idea. Whilst eating her way around South America, she conducted a fraught and forehead-full Skype interview, the result of which was a place on the Leo Burnett grad scheme.

However, she couldn’t leave her degree behind entirely, and the understanding of social structures and human behaviours that her degree provided stood her in good stead for a career spent understanding peoples’ needs, wants, attitudes and behaviours. The opportunity to get under the skin of people with very different needs and wants to her own is just one of the reasons she is so excited about beginning her TIE experience, and helping GreenRoot Finance in any way she can.

Having started on the grad scheme over 3 years ago Lorna has worked on a number of brands across the business, both big and small. She began Planning life working on Kellogg’s across their cereal portfolio, including Coco Pops, Cornflakes and All-Bran. This solid grounding in the world of FMCG proved invaluable when she moved into the world of P&G and the Max Factor Global account, at a time when the brand was undergoing a total make-over.

As an interesting counterpoint to the world of glamour Lorna began work on the UNICEF account, looking at how to bring a new generation of supporters into the charity through their range of cards and products. Having worked on these two global accounts, and with enough travel to Geneva to comfortably last a few years, Lorna’s sights were set closer to home.

And so work began on two very different new accounts – the Department for Transport and McDonald’s. Her work for the Department for Transport focussed on keeping their don’t drink and drive messaging top of mind amongst young men, and led to #publooshocker, a YouTube video about the perils of drinking and driving, viewed over 11 million times. Her work on McDonald’s meanwhile centred around drinks of a very different type, and included the launch of a number of premium beverages, as well as the UK launch of McCafe.

Additionally, alongside the day to day account work Lorna has helped to set up and run Leo Burnett’s new grad scheme, the Foundry, which allows grads to work on their own small, innovative pieces of business alongside their usual training. Working across such a broad range of brands and projects has given her experience in a number of different industries and markets, all of which taught her different disciplines, ways of thinking and working. Her intention is to use as much of this acquired knowledge on her TIE project as possible!

Lorna’s passions beyond Planning include eating and reading. Food has been a driving force in her life as long as she can remember, and she spends almost all her spare time thinking about food, cooking, eating, reading recipes and reviews. She is constantly amazed at the power food has, socially, economically, politically and culturally, and how often that is left unexamined.

Lorna is very much looking forward to taking everything she has learnt out with her to Malawi, and is equally excited about everything she will bring back with her. She will be working with Greenroot Finance, a social enterprise that works to develop financial stability and business opportunities to people living in Malawi.


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