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Sept. 24, 2021.

In partnership with The International Exchange, Leo Burnett employees have developed a new brand for the VIPLA Foundation.

The rebrand will include a new name, colour palette and tagline

The rebrand will include a new name, colour palette and tagline

Leo Burnett has reignited its partnership with The International Exchange (TIE), which links the world of commerce to social initiatives, to develop a new brand and video for the VIPLA Foundation, previously Save the Children India.

The charity rebrand will launch today (24 September) across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, as well as on the VIPLA Foundation website. The organisation’s new brand identity comes with a new colour palette and tagline: “Grow, learn, flourish.”

The name change to VIPLA Foundation was already planned before the involvement of Leo Burnett and TIE.

The organisation’s previous name had caused confusion among donors and sponsors, who understandably associated it with the identically named Save the Children India – part of the international Save the Children Alliance. While it should be noted that the latter, better-known brand, did not establish itself in India until 2008 and VIPLA Foundation had been operating under its original name since 1988, a rebrand was very much needed.

Jyoti Nale Tajane, senior director at the VIPLA Foundation, said: “The similarity of our name with a more established charity was preventing us from generating the donations we needed to expand our work, holding us back from having meaningful local impact in India.”

Leo Burnett had previously worked with TIE in 2007, when it sent account director Chris Jackson on a trip to Brazil to work with an HIV/Aids organisation.

TIE is a leadership programme for commercial professionals, who help the staff volunteers develop their leadership skills through practical projects, such as preserving the Brazilian rainforest and aiding survivors of Isis crimes.

In June, six Leo Burnett employees embarked on the six-week digital project to help Save the Children India relaunch as VIPLA Foundation. An NGO founded in 1988 by Mrs Vipula Kadri, it supports children who suffer from educational inequality, have disabilities or are at risk of human trafficking.

The foundation has more than 84,000 students enrolled in its education programme. Over the past decade the organisation has also trained more than 12,000 law enforcement workers through its anti-trafficking programmes.

Speaking to Campaign, Philippa White, founder and chief executive of TIE, said: “What we do not do is use the development world for the benefit only of the commercial world to improve their people. It has always been a win-win-win. It’s absolutely essential that every single stakeholder, the company, the individual and the NGO that’s involved, wins.”

White previously worked for Leo Burnett, with which TIE formed its first partnership. Working together until 2016, the partnership was initiated again in 2019 when Charlie Rudd assumed the position of chief executive.

Carly Avener, managing director of Leo Burnett, is now hoping to continue partnering with TIE for an annual project.

Avener said: “We want people to grow at work and we want them to feel happy. I’m sure that some of them will stay at Leo Burnett, hopefully all of them, and grow as individuals, but I’m sure one day some of them will leave and go to other places and I think the skills they have learned through this experience will stand them in good stead for anything they do in the future.”


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