Originally posted at Mishcon de Reya. Available at: https://www.mishcon.com/news/tv/in-conversation-with-philippa-whitehttps://www.cherwell.org/2023/10/25/we-must-viscerally-disrupt-our-comfort-zones-to-create-opportunities-for-evolution-in-conversation-with-philippa-white-founder-and-ceo-of-tie/

Join us for a session with Philippa White, the Founder and CEO of TIE and a recognised global thought leader in social innovation. Philippa has dedicated over 20 years to empowering corporate leaders and their companies by championing a people-first approach to business.

During the session, Philippa shares insights from her book “Return on Humanity: Leadership Lessons from All Corners of the World”, which draws on a rich array of stories from diverse fields such as human rights in Syria, the UK prison system, Brazilian psychiatric care, and the intersections of architecture and business.

Return on Humanity provides a collection of inspiring stories and practical strategies, illustrating how a human-centred approach to leadership and business can lead to a more promising future.


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