Originally published at the Net Zero Podcast. Available here.

November 15th, 2022

In a change to the usual format for Net Zero Heroes podcasts in the latest episode I am joined by a single guest. But a guest with a compelling story to tell. That guest is Philippa White, Founder and CEO of The International Exchange (TIE).

Philippa is driven by the belief that when professionals fully engage with their humanity, ingenuity and purpose, good things start to happen. TIE is a CPD accredited leadership development program that creates conscious leaders who are shaping the future of their industries and companies. Through the simple means of disrupting comfort zones, TIE exposes people to global challenges, and creates the space for them to find their distinctive power to make meaningful change. Philippa believes that to profoundly change the world, we need people to connect with their potential. In her mind, where we were is very different to where we are going. By helping people discover more about themselves and what their distinctive power is, her ultimate aim is to help create better people, with better companies, in a better world.

Listen on to learn more about how Working with NGOs helps in bringing the change.


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