Octopus Investments is sending Nicola Graham on TIE in 2020. She’s going to Senegal!

Nicola joined Octopus Investments in 2017. In her current role as Marketing Manager, she is responsible for planning and executing marketing strategies for existing and new audiences.

For the last two years, Niki has been actively involved in Octopus’s charitable foundation, Octopus Giving. She is currently charity coordinator for FoodCycle, a charity which uses surplus food to cook nourishing meals for hungry and lonely people across the UK.

In her previous role, Nicola managed internal and external marketing and events at YSC, a global leadership consultancy.

Nicola has also volunteered for a number of charities including RSPB, The Environmental Justice Foundation and Stonewall.

Nicola studied Marine and Freshwater Biology at the University of Essex. She continues to pursue her love of marine life through diving and snorkeling holidays, but she is held back by her land-loving boyfriend.

Outside of work Nicola enjoys cooking for friends, yoga, cycling and loving her two cats.

Octopus Investments are sending Nicola on TIE in 2020 to work with Senegalese NGO Maison de la Gare, to help the organisation find new sources of income and strengthen their fight against the forced beggary and exploitation of the talibé children. To read more about this project, click here.


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