Perceiving the world differently… And how to make it useful

In the early part of December I was invited to a discussion about ways we perceive the world.

Forum chair and Foundation Founder, Charlie Dawson, asked me to contribute to a discussion that had us bring to life the way that so much we are certain about is actually coloured, edited and bent out of shape by factors we’re not aware of.

As Charlie says, ‘if you’re trying to make the world work better, or simply trying to find ways to argue less and agree more, this is crucial. Our speakers explained why this so often happens and what to do about it, too’.

The assumptions were stretched in three directions…

  • We had a world-leading expert on sound, Julian Treasure, founder of the Sound Agency and presenter of one of the top 10 TED talks of all time; ‘How to speak so that other people want to listen’.
  • We had an expert in social psychology and in particular the challenges of diversity and inclusion, Dr Marie-Claude Gervais. She is founder of Versiti, an agency specialising in research with people from minority ethnic backgrounds.
  • And we had a much travelled cultural convenor, Philippa White, who through her business, The International Exchange, takes people from comfortable jobs in the west and gives them uncomfortable challenges in places that need their help.

Click here to read the write up. It’s a pretty fascinating read! I highly recommend grabbing a cup of tea or coffee and getting stuck in.

You will also find this write-up, and the complete collection from more than 10 years of Forums available on their website here (they have only been writing them up since 2011, but that’s still 8 years’ worth!).


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