Sam Theobald on putting people first before profit

Is it possible to be a profitable and rapidly growing business and still put people first?

What makes a company an incredible place to work?

And what is the return on being a human centric company and a human centric leader?

As many of you know, I’m in the final stages of writing my book Return on Humanity: The unexpected benefits of being more human in life and business.

I’ve been speaking with people from various sectors and businesses around the world to confirm my hypothesis. And I’m happy to say, until now, it hasn’t been challenged.

But this conversation with Sam Theobald doesn’t just confirm the hypothesis. Her entire career has been focused on it. And this podcast brings the real quantifiable benefits and examples to life. It is such an incredible conversation.

Sam is an HR professional with over 20 years’ experience working with entrepreneurial leaders, bringing a strong commercial edge to the HR function, and championing a “people first” approach to business.

Sam’s current role at Next 15 spans multi-markets and provides strategic guidance to HR teams within subsidiaries across the group, as well as working closely to counsel businesses so they understand the value of great people practices and human centric leadership in high growth organisations.

She explains how it’s possible to have a commercial focus and still put people first.

She talks about the power of self-awareness. And what it means in the context of her work.

And the details of what it actually means to have a human centric approach to business.

Essentially, if you want to be able to attract great people and get the best out of them, you can’t miss this podcast.

This conversation was electric. I promise you’ll enjoy the energy! We were both buzzing afterwards.

So grab that favourite beverage or throw on those running shoes, and enjoy this conversation with Sam.

And please don’t forget to let us know what you think of this episode, leave a review and subscribe.


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