The secret ingredient to law firm Mishcon de Reya’s success

How is the law firm that took on the UK government with Article 50 and took on the Royal Family as Princess Diana’s divorce attorneys so successful?

Is it because of their high-profile cases or is there another secret ingredient?

I was keen to find out.

So today, Elliot Moss, Partner and Chief Brand Officer at Mishcon, and Patrick Connolly, Director of the Mischon de Reya Academy, let us in on their secret.

I wanted to understand what sets the law firm apart from their competitors.

How do they attract and retain such incredible talent?

And what makes them top of their class?

We talk about the key progressive values of the company and why they are so important.

We hear about the type of person that chooses to work there.

And a few of their impressive initiatives that have become an important part of the company.

Elliot and Patrick’s responses say a lot about the firm, and there is one thing that connects all of their answers: It’s their human centric strategy.

Today we bring this to life.

So throw on those running shoes, or grab that favourite beverage, and here is Patrick and Elliot.

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