D&AD talks with TIE Alumnus Alice Hooper about her TIE experience and Leo Burnett Change

D&AD interviews TIE Alumni Alice Hooper

D&AD interviewed TIE Alumnus Alice Hooper, from Leo Burnett London about her TIE experience, back in 2011, and how it helped her take a step further in her career. On her return, Alice co-founded Leo Burnett Change, a specialist division of the Leo Burnett Group, dedicated to not-for-profit communications.

Change won the first ever White Pencil, an award launched to reward creativity for social good, for their campaign “Recipeace“. White Pencil Nominees in 2014 will be eligible to apply for TIE exchanges, as you can see here.

“It’s a great opportunity and I know my life would not have taken the path it has if I hadn’t gone to Recife on a TIE placement. Most obviously, I wouldn’t have had the idea for Change.”, says Alice. Read the full article here.


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