Ryan from W+K gets ready to work with the HIV/AIDS NGO GTP+


Ryan is the next lucky candidate from Wieden + Kennedy to be going out to Brazil and assist an NGO with their communications. Ryan will be working with GTP+ and their local agency INATA. GTP+ is an HIV/AIDS NGO that works to strengthen and stimulate the lives of those people living with HIV and AIDS, as well as the population in general. GTP+ works to encourage activism and education, as well as develop the process of prevention.

The Solidarity Kitchen is a project that started in November 2005 within GTP+. It is run by people living with HIV/AIDS and is designed to provide nutritious meals at an accessible price to those people living with the virus, and the public in general. The Solidarity Kitchen is an incredible project for a number of reasons.


First of all, it provides affordable balanced meals to those people using anti-retrovirals, and educates them about nutrition. As well, it helps raise awareness of GTP+ within the community and helps break the stigmas that exist about people that live with the virus and work with food (business people nearby often frequent GTP+ for lunch). Further, it provides people living with HIV/AIDS with the opportunity to work and be a part of the community.


Finally, the income that is generated from the Kitchen covers the institutional costs of GTP+ and helps the organisation carry out other educational activities.

Ryan will be working with GTP+ to help them increase the visibility of the Kitchen so that more people know that it exists, which will in turn educate more people about nutrition and help break prejudices.

Ryan graduated from Manchester University in 2004. He started as a graduate at Saatchi & Saatchi London where he worked on Carlsberg and Toyota. In December 2006 he moved to Wieden + Kennedy to work on the car company Honda and a furniture design company called Emeco.

Ryan has worked for a charity called Open Arms in Malawi for the last 8 years. Open Arms is a charity that was set up in Malawi to care for orphans affected with the HIV virus and he spent 6 weeks working in one of the orphanages.

Outside of work Ryan is a keen rugby player and has a passion for cooking and photography. He tries to travel at every opportunity and loves the opportunity to learn and experience different cultures.

A perfect fit if we do say so ourselves!

In order to raise the £1000 for his communications work with GTP+ Ryan is organising a Brazilian party, to be held


sometime at the end of the summer – DJs, Brazilian music, and probably the odd caipirinha. Perfect. If you’re interested in supporting Ryan, and having a wicked evening, give us a shout and we’ll put you in touch.


As always, if you’re interested in knowing more, drop us a line at any time and we’ll happily answer any questions you have.


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