The most exciting stage

This is always the most exciting part of the Virtual Team TIE programme – when the participants meet the social initiative – and get properly stuck in.

That’s what happened at the end of last week.

Here is everyone – deep in thought!

On Thursday, the TIE team from Leo Burnett London met the team from the Mar Fund based in Guatemala, and got properly stuck into the details of their objectives. They now have 4 weeks to make big things happen.

The Virtual Team TIE programme is 6 weeks in total. Participants from around a company get to spend a couple of hours a day working together to solve a challenge facing an organisation in another part of the world.

The Leo Burnett team, having never worked together before, have just finished 2 weeks of preparation – they learnt about International Development, got some team coaching, got to know one another better and got their heads around a new sector and brief.

Now that they are ready, over the next 4 weeks they will collaborate with the Mar Fund, an ocean conservation foundation working in the Mesoamerican Reef Region of the Atlantic ocean, and help them with a very specific communication challenge.

✨ There are no specific deliverables. The team will decide what they are.

✨ Participants get to step out of the hierarchy – and draw on knowledge and skills outside of their regular job roles – to create the unique solution.

✨ And the Mar Fund will get a solution that will fundamentally impact their work, which will contribute to the conservation and restoration of coral reefs in the Mesoamerican Reef.

Everyone left the call excited, a bit nervous, and ready to step out of the day-to-day to grow, see themselves and the world differently, and make a difference with the skills that they have.

Watch this space as things come together…

A huge thank you 🧡 to the teams at Leo Burnett and MarFund for getting involved – here’s to making big things happen over the next four weeks for everyone!

This is what we call a win-win-win.

Better leaders. Better companies. Better world.



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