TIE announces our partnership with Paul Steggall from Manchester Square Partners, and Shameem Sangha from Rousseau for TIE Advisor

We are thrilled to announce that we’ll be working with Paul Steggall, Partner at Manchester Square Partners and Shameem Sangha, Founder of Rousseau, through our TIE Advisor programme.

Over the next few months, they will be using their leadership to impact the NGO Shaishav Trust in India, to consult on their business strategy and develop a long-term financial strategy for the organisation. A chance to truly impact an organisation, a community, and the world with what they know. But a chance to grow in new and different ways whilst they are at it.

A huge thank you to Paul and Shameem for believing in TIE. For getting involved. And for giving their time to an organization that can really benefit from what they know.

And we can’t wait to have them as part of the TIE community. A community of brilliant change agents around the world who are up for making a difference and being one of the driving forces to shape the future of the private sector, and therefore the world. Here is to an impactful few months!

About Paul and Shameem:

Shameem Sangha (Rousseau Partners)

Shameem founded the executive search firm Rousseau Partners in 2006 and has diversified her portfolio of activities to include coaching executives, alongside some charitable work and managing a collection of antique violins. Prior to founding Rousseau Partners, she spent six years with two leading international executive search firms specialising in hiring senior talent for private equity funds and other asset management businesses around the world. Prior to moving into the executive search industry, Shameem worked as a strategy consultant to the financial services industry with the management consulting firm Oliver, Wyman & Company, having read Economics at Cambridge University.

Outside of work, Shameem is passionate about music, enjoys painting, reading, good food, drinks and spending time with her family.

Paul Steggall (Manchester Square Partners)

Paul is a strategic adviser to leaders. He has a reputation for discretion, empathy and diplomatic directness. He is a sounding board for leaders thinking through critical leadership issues and key decisions.

Prior to joining Manchester Square Partners, Paul was the Founder and Managing Partner of Carbon, the executive search firm, where he spent 20 years advising a wide range of companies and their management teams on succession, talent management and diversity.

Paul is a Trustee of the National Centre for Circus Arts, an Adviser to The International Exchange and is a regular speaker for Speakers4Schools on the subject of entrepreneurship.

Life outside of professional activities includes a devotion to his family, travel, art, wine and developing a garden at his home in Hampshire.

Photo: Adrian Fisk (India, 2017)


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