TIE campaign working to fight prejudice against people living with HIV/AIDS launches

“How would you like to be treated if you had HIV? Treat people the way you want to be treated.” This is the slogan of the campaign that the NGO GTP+ launches tomorrow, in Recife . The proposal is to raise awareness through the city that by having little information about the disease produces stigma and prejudice against people living with HIV / AIDS. The initiative is a partnership with The InternationalExchange (TIE) and the NGO’s Agency AESO (INATA). The launch will begin at 9 am, the House of Culture, Center of Recife.

The theatre group from GTP+ will present plays with people about respect and citizenship, also distributing mirrors with the campaign slogan.The idea is to raise awareness that they see instead of the one who has HIV / AIDS, and think of how they would be treated. For Wladimir Kings, general coordinator of GTP +, the campaign aims to raise awareness to people in the city of Recife and the State of Pernambuco to better care for people living with HIV and AIDS. “The intent is to minimize the prejudice and discrimination against HIV positive people, contributing to a better quality of life,” he said.

To ensure that the campaign sensitises the society at large, they will be on the streets, will have bus media, pocket mirrors, bumper mirrors, pamphlets, posters and social networks from the institution.

AIDS in Brazil – The numbers of cases of AIDS in Brazil, updated from June 2010, account for 592,914 cases registered since 1980. The incidence rate hovers around 20 AIDS cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. In 2010, there were 13,520 reported cases of the disease.


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