Tiffany from Mindshare New York is chosen by WPP for TIE

Tiffany Winter is the Director of Content Strategy & Development at Mindshare Entertainment across North America. Her role includes building out branded entertainment experiences for a wide variety of clients, including Unilever, Kimberly Clark, LG and Sprint. In addition, Tiffany identifies growth opportunities for Mindshare Entertainment including building partnerships and developing business with new and existing clients.

Previously, Tiffany was a WPP Marketing Fellow and undertook three different roles across three WPP agencies. In this time she worked as a Brand Consultant at the Brand Union in London and as a Strategic Planner at the creative agency Santo, in Buenos Aires.

Prior to WPP, Tiffany studied Modern Languages at Oxford University. She spent time living and working in Paris and Buenos Aires and is fluent in French and Spanish.

Tiffany is half-Ghanaian and is particularly excited to go to Accra with TIE to gain an invaluable experience in the country where her Mother was born. Read more about Tiffany’s project here.



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