Wieden+Kennedy is sending Kelly Satchell on TIE in 2016. She is coming to Brazil!

Kelly graduated with a degree in graphic design from the university of Brighton. Following this she spent some time freelancing in Switzerland and London before landing a job at Wieden + Kennedy London. Being a designer in an agency has meant she has gained experience working across many different projects and campaigns at varying scales. She has worked with clients such as Nike, Arla, Three Mobile and Tesco, amongst others over the past 3 years.

Her past experience lies in editorial design, branding, and art direction across various print mediums and more recently across smaller digital design projects. Typography and layout is where her passion for design and communication is strongest, although she’ll never turn down an opportunity to return to a bit of hand crafting.

In her spare time she maintains an active lifestyle, cycling to work, running and taking the odd dance class for the hit of nostalgia, having spend a lot of her younger years prancing around on stage. Like many creatives, Kelly loves the sense of adventure and inspiration you experience when travelling. In the past she has completed internships and work placements in New York and Switzerland, and spent time travelling around both western and eastern Europe.

Kelly is very excited to be taking on a new adventure with TIE and can’t wait to get stuck in to a new project and experience the challenge of a new environment and culture.

Kelly will come to Recife, Brazil, to work with Centro das Mulheres do Cabo.


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