Wieden+Kennedy London is sending Will Wells on TIE in 2017. He is going to Guatemala!

will-wellsWill Wells is a Creative at Wieden + Kennedy London, one of the most creative agencies in the universe. Along with his partner, he’s made TV, digital and print ads for everything from yogurt to telecoms brands.

While at W+K, Will has jumped at opportunities to help local school kids develop creatively, and working with W+K’s Good Jobs programme he’s helped some of the students realise that there’s a future for them in the creative industries.

Pre Wieden + Kennedy, Will got into advertising after winning a full scholarship to the famous School of Communication Arts, where he and his partner went on to win at a range of award shows; from Cream to D&AD.

But it wasn’t always so. Before advertising, Will studied Marine Biology at university and his interest in conservation and helping communities in close contact with the natural world stems back to his childhood.

When he’s got some free time Will likes yoga, finding nature and helping his dad build stuff in the shed at the back of his garden.

Will is going to work with The MAR Fund, a regional eco-fund that works to protect the Mesoamerica Reef System. Click here to learn more about his project.


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