Wieden+Kennedy New York is sending Chris Kelsch on TIE in 2018. He is going to Namibia!

Chris is a multi disciplinary designer at Wieden+Kennedy in New York. There he has made an impact with his expertise and ambition on every client and department over the past four years. Born and raised in Northern New Jersey, Chris was immersed in art, design and technology from a young age by his parents who worked in the film industry. With a strong passion for computers and exposure to art, graphic design was a natural path for Chris.

He attended Pratt Art Institute from 2008-2012 where he obtained his BFA in communications design with a focus on graphic design and advertising. Chris has brought his determination, collaborative mentality, communications skills and aesthetic to WK’s studio and has assisted W+K NY in most of their recent New Business Pitches and campaigns.

Chris enjoys drawing, design, extreme sports, gaming, running, music/music production, hiking and any other excuse to get outside in his free time.

Chris is going to Namibia to work with the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, a leading nonprofit on conservation and management of giraffe in the wild throughout Africa.








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