Wieden+Kennedy NY is sending Lauren Smith on TIE in 2016. It’s our first placement ever in Mozambique!

LaurenSmith_6845After graduating from Penn State with degrees in Advertising, Spanish and International Studies, Lauren got her feet wet at a small advertising agency in Baltimore, Maryland. In search of new opportunities and career challenges (and thanks to the advice and guidance of some wonderful Penn State alums), she moved to New York in 2011 to work at Ogilvy. She spent two years there in what she considers “account management boot camp” working on the Global Fanta account. In 2013, she transitioned to Wieden+Kennedy NY to work on Delta Air Lines. She’s been on that piece of business for last three years and with assignments ranging from social media content to TV commercials to safety videos, there hasn’t been a dull moment yet!

In her free time, Lauren loves to travel and spend time outdoors. Her most recent trip was hiking in Death Valley National Park in California with one of her sisters. She grew up in a small town in southern Maryland and is the youngest of five children. Lauren loves to spend time with her family and tries to visit her nieces and nephew as much as she can.

In October, Lauren is heading to Mozambique to work with the Marine Megafauna Foundation. It’s our first placement ever in the country, and we couldn’t be more excited.



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