Work with The Kasiisi Project to help with the conservation of the Kibale National Park and support the education of more than 10,000 Ugandan children

The Kasiisi Project was founded in 1997 by Dr. Elizabeth Ross, to help with conservative efforts around the Kibale National Park, in rural western Uganda. The original idea was to work as a bridge between the research-based Kibale Chimpanzee Project and local community. Now, The Kasiisi Project works with several research groups in and around the park to target critical issues for the survival of the forest and support of the local population.

Kasiisi concentrates its efforts in improving education in Uganda, one school at a time. Kasiisi supports early childhood education, promotes environment and health education, provides daily school lunches, trains teachers, encourages literacy through libraries and computer usage, funds secondary school and college scholarships, and addresses the special needs of girls. Today 10,000 primary-school Ugandan children are supported by The Kasiisi Project.

At the end of 2013, Kasiisi hosted its first TIE placement. Hanne Haugen, from Wieden+Kennedy London, spent a month doing preliminary research and developed a general business and communications strategy for the Kasiisi Project. From a financial sustainability point of view, the Project Guesthouse and future tourist activities were agreed to be the primary focus. In 2016 Andrew Connolly from BBH created a brand for the guesthouse.

Now, Kasiisi needs to follow up on that strategy, targeting the marketing of the Project Guesthouse. They need to understand how to create tangible products and services that can be nicely packed and communicated to tourism agencies and tourists visiting the National Kibale Park. They want to become a reference in terms of sustainable tourism options around the park and to attract more tourists in order to have a steady stream of guests year-round and generate the income they need.

Amy Kilty from Wieden+Kennedy London is going to spend a month in Uganda working with Kasiisi. Stay tuned for updates!


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