WPP is sending Haywood Watkins III on TIE in 2016!

Haywood Watkins III Headshot TIEHaywood Watkins III is a WPP Fellow. During his fellowship he worked in New York City at The Futures Company as a strategic consultant, in Melbourne at VICE Media as a copywriter and content strategist, and CHI & Partners in London as an account planner.

Before the fellowship, Haywood graduated top of his class with a MS in Communications Strategy from Virginia Commonwealth University’s Brandcenter — the number one ad school in the United States.

He enjoys: asking “what if?” and answering “why?”; observing minutiae, nuances, and particulars; reading John Steinbeck novels; & devouring Cinnabon.

Haywood’s TIE placement will be with Instituto Promundo, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He will develop a campaign to foment the discussion about the legalization of abortion in the country.


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