WPP is sending Sarah Walker from Millward Brown London on TIE in September 2013

sarah walker

Sarah is the Director of R&D for Millward Brown’s global neuroscience practice, where she works to design and apply insights and methods from neuroscience and behavioural economics to the field of marketing and advertising research. She is a frequent speaker at conferences on the importance and role of emotions for advertising and brands.

A graduate of WPP’s Marketing Fellowship programme, she previously held roles as a strategic planner at creative agencies in London and South Africa, where she worked on global communications strategies and launch positionings for clients like Heineken, Lexus and Best Buy. She joined Millward Brown in New York when the consumer neuroscience practice was founded in 2010, and is now based in London with responsibilities for projects around the world.

Sarah came into marketing following a PhD in experimental psychology, and is on the advisory panel of #ogilvychange, the Ogilvy network’s Behavioural Economics practice. In what passes for her spare time she can usually be found doing, watching or reading about some form of sport. You can click here to read about the project she will be working on with Comitê Popular da Copa in Recife, Brazil.


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