51 new buildings, 25 new jobs for catadores, and 88 tons of materials recycled per month as a result of the TIE project


So it just keeps getting better and better. TIE is really starting to make a difference to the organisations and communities we’ve worked with. Since the launch of the Edificio Ecologico (EE) campaign with Ed Richards from Leo Burnettt and Inata we are starting to make a bit of a dent in the environmental and social situation here in Recife.

This month EE have broken the record for the number of new buildings they have secured in a year. They are now working with a car dealership and the Recife British Country Club and have just about closed a deal with the city of Jaboatão (next to Recife), which will have them working with 200+ high-rise buildings in 2010.

The project still has some of the money that Ed brought over to carry out the communications work, so it just means they can continue their campaign and continue to drum up even more business.

And what does this all mean from a social and environmental point of view?

Due to all of the new buildings and associations that now work with EE, 25 new Catadores have got jobs. And, a Catador working on his own would normally earn around R$300-400/month. With the EE scheme they can earn double.

And 3.5 tons of materials are recycled per month per Catador. So, with an increase of Catadors working, the more materials are being recycled.

And, what does that mean?

Well, to make one ton of aluminum made from recycled material uses 90% less energy, and 50% less water than if it was made from raw bauxita.

1 ton of recycled paper saves around 20 trees.

Recycling plastic has a significant effect on reducing CO2 emissions.

And recycling reduces solid waste problems in urban areas as well as air, soil and water pollution.

So it’s quite a simple equation really.

More communications = more buildings working with EE = more Catadores working (and getting a better quality of life) = more recycled materials = better environment = a better world.



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