Philippa White answers Your questions


TIE was recently showcased in an interview on the social design network called DESIGN21. Members at DESIGN 21 nominated us for this interview series and we were the ones to launch it. This is a great opportunity for us because it’s a site that connects people (over 23,000 members from 170 countries and 360 organizations) who want to explore ways design can positively impact communities.

Although TIE does not entirely specialize in Design (big D), we do focus on creative infrastructure, cultural relevancy and economic sustainability, which are all intrinsic elements to an overall communications thought strategy that is effective in creating real change. We think that Design21 is a great initiative, especially as it has connections to UNESCO, and other sectors of the United Nations. It’s very exciting and will most certainly help PR our cause. Daniel – thanks so much for the original nomination! Absolutely brilliant!

We were asked 5 questions – ranging from what social campaigns we rate to how the economic situation has impacted TIE.


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