6 places to go to be inspired

I hope you all had a wonderful break.

Mine was fantastic.

I desperately needed the time off, but I also adore spending time with my family, and having them here visiting gave us the chance to share stories, learn new perspectives on things and get inspired.

The power of taking time out and being surrounded by like-minded people.

There are few things better.

And few things more important if you want to step out of the rat race, think differently, and have that time and space necessary to innovate.

So that’s exactly what today’s blog post is about. Knowing how helpful it is to get you thinking in a different way and meet like-minded people, here are some ideas of where you can go for some new perspectives, information, thoughts, inspiration and perhaps, if an event is happening near you…a chance to meet some new people and make a difference.

Keep reading to see where you can go for a little bit of inspiration, make a difference and get you thinking in a slightly new way.

And please, if you have any recommendations for us, please do send them our way. We are always on the look out for new initiatives that our growing network would find interesting.

The League of Intrapreneurs is starting to gain traction. They are the global movement for social intrapreneurship. The League was founded in 2012 through a collaboration with Ashoka, The Human Agency, Inter-American Development Bank, IFC, Accenture, GSK and Standard Chartered. Since then, they have grown their community to hundreds of supporters, partners and other collaborators. If you want to find like-minded people, or hear from or talk to people that speak your language and think like you, you really do need to check them out. Visit their website http://www.leagueofintrapreneurs.comfor the latest events in your area. Or get in touch: hello@leagueofintrapreneurs.com or @SocIntLeague.

Good for Nothing is a community of thinkers, do-ers, makers and tinkerers applying their skills and energy to accelerate the work of cause-led innovators and change makers; it’s about diverse groups of people collaborating together, working in new, faster, fun and better ways by supporting ideas and people that are leading the way to what a flourishing 21st century society might look like. In only a couple of days, “Good for Nothingers” manage to do what could take years in a different environment. And all the challenges, in their own way, help to bring about the best the world has to offer. You can help an organisation become more sustainable, or help reduce food and water waste, or help more people get access to technology. There a number of ways to collaborate. Check their website here: http://www.goodfornothing.com

Swarm is a creative collaboration company. They work with inspired people on projects to make a more beautiful world. Their goal is to hatch, prototype and grow innovative solutions to some of the most pressing social and environmental problems of our time, such as climate change, biodiversity collapse, nature disconnection, food security, poverty, disease, health, education, low carbon energy creation. Many of these problems have been created through a disconnected approach to human development and most attempts to find solutions continue to take place in silos, where specialisation and ‘separateness’ remain as core ideas. These problems are too complex for any organization to solve. As all life is connected, Swarm brings collaboration, collective human energy and a whole system perspective to solving these larger issues, because no one is as smart as everyone. Check out more and how to get involved here: http://swarm.gd

The Comms Lab’s mission is to reinvent the Purpose of advertising. It has identified that a strategic opportunity for agencies is to move from being ‘value neutral’ to define their positive role in society. This opportunity arises as more and more Clients seek to articulate and orientate their businesses towards making a positive social and environmental contribution. To find out more, you may visit their website http://www.thecommslab.com or get in touch with jonathan@thecommslab.com.

New Citizenship Project: The New Citizenship Project is founded on the belief that a new, more genuinely participatory society is ready to emerge – a society in which the primary role of the individual is the Citizen, not just the Consumer. Our role is to bring the skills of marketing, advertising and public affairs to bear on making that shift happen faster and more fully – making the most of all means available to involve people in society rather than just flogging them stuff. You can check out their site here for events in your area: http://www.newcitizenship.org.uk or you can check out their thinking and the initiatives they are up to here: http://newcitizenshipproject.wordpress.com

And of course there is us – TIE! We believe in the power of communications and leadership to solve some of the world’s biggest problems. We link future leaders from the communications industry with social initiatives around the world and provide a platform for the creation of campaigns and strategies that impact organisations, their beneficiaries and local communities. We love that every professional comes away from our programme seeing the true potential in their abilities, knowing they have made a real difference and feeling proud of their profession and the skills they have worked so hard to develop. Since 2007 we have been developing conscious leaders who are shaping the future of the communications industry and helping to find revolutionary solutions to some of the world’s most intractable problems. Our goal: To change the world, one brief at a time.

Perhaps one of your new years resolutions is to push yourself, do something unlike anything you’ve done before, and to make a difference to the world. If so – look no further. We’d love to work with you. If your company is offering TIE up as an opportunity – don’t hesitate to apply! Or, if your company isn’t involved, but you think it should be – drop us a note and we can work with you to get them signed up.


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