Grey is sending Natascha Vega-Pertuz on TIE in January 2015!

Natascha Vega-Pertuz is currently an VP Account Director at Grey (Agency of the Year by AdWeek and Advertising Age), where she has been part of the new P&G Gillette Global team for the agency since June 2013. Her P&G experience started about 5 years ago when she joined the Hispanic division at Grey and managed an array of beauty brands: Pantene, Olay and Clairol. During this time, she worked on the development of strategic opportunities that led the way to strong multicultural insights/plans.

Born in Caracas, Venezuela with parents of Colombian heritage, she graduated with a BA in Journalism from SUNY Purchase. From there, she started her career in advertising focusing in a variety of categories ranging from pharma, travel and banking for both Hispanic and African American markets.

Throughout her career at Grey, she was one of 2011’s “P&G Rising Stars” and in that same year she was chosen to participate in the Grey Masters Program.

Aside from her professional accomplishments, Natascha has a passion for travel, loves to run and train for half marathons.

Natascha will be working with The Womanity Foundation, in Paris and in Geneva.


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