Almost pressing print

A very happy new year to all of you. I hope that this finds you well.

It’s a big year this year with key elections around the world that have the potential to truly shape our destiny as a global community.

Pair that with the future that we are hurdling towards that is dominated by data, algorithms and AI – it’s enough to leave anyone feeling uneasy.

Which is why I’m thrilled my book is coming out so soon. I think everyone needs some positivity and hope in these turbulent times.

As Sir John Hegarty has said about my book, “…a book about the importance of humanity is perfectly timed and a must read”.

I couldn’t agree more. 😉

So I’m excited to say that my final proof-reading comments for Return on Humanity are now with the publisher, and soon and it will be printed. We seem to be ahead of schedule – so any day now the printers will be pressing print.

The book is officially being published on April 22nd, and then our long awaited book launch day is April 30th. More on all of this soon.

Those close to me are aware that the last year has been pretty hard in my personal life.

Having just read through the book again while I’ve been proof reading, I realise how important the messages within the book are to help any of us deal with difficulties we may be facing – in business and in life. In many ways writing the book has kept me feeling positive, focused, and inspired.

The current climate is enough to leave anyone feeling shaken. But if you’re not feeling your best, here are three things off of the top of my head that I can highly recommend to help you get back on track, and keep you focused on reaching your purpose:

✨talk to people. Could be friends, family, advisors, colleagues. Don’t just let the negative thoughts multiply. Talk about the challenges you’re facing and get other people’s opinions. Talk about your work. Talk about what you’re doing. Exchange stories and ideas. Pick up the phone and help someone else. But talking in depth to someone unlocks new thinking and always gets me feeling better.

✨get inspired. Maybe it’s reading a different book to one that you would normally. Listening to a podcast. Starting a podcast ☺️! Perhaps it’s going for a walk in a part of town you wouldn’t normally go to. Maybe it’s spending half an hour a day just writing and reflecting. But when I’m feeling stuck, changing my perspective has been the answer to being able to articulate so many of the solutions in my book. Solutions that I now find myself falling back on in my life and work.

✨and finally, something I heard the Dalai Lama say once has stayed with me – I also talk about this in my book and often remind myself of the importance of the message ’Nothing exists as it appears’.

Wise words!

Excited to say that we are kicking off the call for applications for the Virtual TIE programme at the global advertising agency Leo Burnett, London, next week – a curated, experiential learning programme for a group of high-calibre leaders to gain unprecedented perspectives and innovative thought processes.

TIE is all about rapid changes in leadership and behaviour by exposing people to real global issues and connecting them to people from different backgrounds.

This is about helping people be more resilient, more relatable, and keeping that fire burning in their souls.

Really looking forward to working with the selected cohort shortly.

More on all things book and programmes soon.

Until then, stay well and happy.



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