And that’s a wrap.

And that’s a wrap.

This was all about being challenged to think and do things differently.

And what was clear to this group ever since they got involved – doing nothing is not an option.

A lot has happened since this TIE programme kicked off a little over 6 weeks ago with this incredible team from around the world. They all came together with a unified mission – to grow, to enrich their lives, and gain new perspectives.

There have been global challenges that have kicked off. And personal obstacles to overcome.

It could have been easy to get derailed – but this team saw the bigger picture. And pulled together something absolutely extraordinary for the MAR Fund – in the face of pretty significant adversity. Our wrap up meeting left everyone buzzing.

And the MAR was not the only stakeholder to be left with something powerful.

The team also realised just what is possible when good and smart people get together who share a purpose. Saw the power of positivity and new perspectives. Enhanced skills. And discovered that you can change the world if you broaden your horizons.

Thank you so much Torben, Laura, Shaun, Sarah and Maria. What a team. What a result. What a moment.

It’s time. Let’s change things! 💥 🌱✨


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